Dental Tourism Thailand

Dental Tourism Thailand

Dental Tourism Thailand

Dental Tourism Thailand with Lanta Dente

Dental Tourism Thailand is a growing business and for those of you requiring otherwise expensive dental treatment or surgery, combining it with a trip to Thailand is something well worth considering. . Every year over, 1.5 million overseas patients visit Thailand to take advantage of high quality healthcare at affordable prices. The Land Of Smiles could be just what the doctor ordered. Lanta Dente are a highly reputable dental surgery clinic that just happen to be located in one of the most beautiful parts of Thailand – Koh Lanta.

Dental Tourism Thailand - Lanta Dente on Koh Lanta

Dental Tourism Thailand – Lanta Dente on Koh Lanta

Why Thailand for Dental Treatment?

Dental surgeries in Thailand are on par with treatment provided in any “developed” countries of the world. The cost however is significantly less – dental treatment in Thailand is on average 50% less than in the west. This is particularly relevant for patients seeking inexpensive dental implants. Cost of dental implants in Thailand can be as low as a third of those in the west and at Lanta Dente our specialty is dental implants.

Dental Implants Lanta Dentist

Single Tooth Implant

At Lanta Dente we offer a wide range of world class dental treatments such as dental implants, crowns and bridges, dental veneers, oral surgery, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics etc. Many of these treatments can easily be completed in a single day between relaxing on one of Koh Lanta’s beautiful beaches from the comfort of a quality resort just minutes from Lanta Dente Clinic. Innovative procedures such as transparent aligners to correct teeth misalignment are also available along with all the standard dental treatments that are available anywhere in the west.

Thai Dentists are renowned for their skills worldwide. At Lanta Dente we are members of the Dental Association of Thailand and our dental surgeon Dr Nat is highly experienced and reputed throughout Thailand .

Patients will be happy to know that Lanta Dente in Koh Lanta, Thailand have English speaking staff so there will be no communication concerns. Further, in a move to increase dental Tourism in Thailand and more specifically Koh Lanta – we have made arrangements with a number of reputable hotels and resorts in Koh Lanta to provide pick up and after care directly from your hotel.

Reaching Thailand is easy as it is extremely well connected. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok receives more than 40 million footfalls every year. It has non-stop flights from all the major cities in North America, Asia, Europe, and Australia. Transferring to Koh Lanta is easy – there are hourly flights to Krabi with many different domestic airlines and from Krabi the short transfer to beautiful ooh Lanta is easy and fast. Lanta Dente are available to assist with transfer and accommodation options while visiting Koh Lanta for Dental treatment. Contact Lanta Dente today and make your next holiday in Koh Lanta.

We are Lanta Dente’ and we are at your service. Visit our clinic in Saladaan today!